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2019 American Spirit Nationals

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2019 Rules and Regulations

Tiny Miss American Spirit

Little Miss American Spirit

Preteen American Spirit 

Jr. Teen American Spirit

Teen American Spirit 

Ages 4-6 

Ages 7-9

Ages 10-12

Ages 13-15

Ages 16-18

Miss American Spirit

Ms. American Spirit

Mrs. American Spirit

Classic American Spirit 

Ages 19-25

Ages 26-50

Ages 30-50

Ages 50 +

  1. Contestant must be a naturally born female and reside, attend school in, or own property in the state in which she is competing on the date of the state and/or national pageant.
  2. Competition age division is determined as of May 1st, 2019.
  3. Contestant must never have been married nor have children. Does not apply to Ms., Mrs., or Classic Divisions.
  4. Contestant or contestants’ parents (if child is under 18 years of age) affirm that she is and will continue to be a person of good character.
  5. Contestant and Contestant’s Supporters, Guests or Visitors, will conduct themselves in a respectful, professional manner at all times during the state and national pageants. Bad sportsmanship is NOT tolerated and will be grounds for removal of the contestant from the pageant without refund.
  6. Contestant agrees not to slander the American Spirit Pageant, its directors, peers, judges, volunteers or anyone else affiliated with the pageant.
  7. National winners may not compete in another American Spirit Pageant state or national competition until they have aged into a new division.
  8. Contestant and Contestants’ parents or legal guardians agree to abide by eligibility requirements and affirm that all information provided is true.
  9. Contestant agrees to provide an original copy of her birth certificate to verify age and gender, prior to receiving state crown and sash.
  10. The American Spirit Pageant has the right to change the dates and venue of the national pageant if deemed
  11. The American Spirit Pageant reserves the right to refuse entry to any contestant who does not meet the eligibility requirements, and / or provides false information on their application.
  12. There will be NO videography or photography allowed at any of the events at the national pageant, unless otherwise announced.
  13. ONLY One adult female is permitted in the dressing room per contestant and will be given one wristband for access.
  14. No boys or men are allowed in dressing rooms at anytime – not even fathers. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  15. Contestants, regardless of age, will not smoke or consume alcohol in public areas during the pageant weekend. Use of any illegal drugs will result in immediate dismissal and disqualification of a contestant.
  16. All delegates must never have posed nude in any form of media.
  17. Contestants MUST abide by all rules. Parents of any contestant not observing rules will be contacted and the delegate may be dismissed without a refund.
  18. Contestant is required to attend Nationals if selected as State Winner.
  19. All fees are non-refundable.
  20. State and national queens under the age of 18 are required to have an adult chaperone at all appearances.

    I understand and agree to follow all rules and regulations as laid out in terms and conditions on
    pageant website, during national competition weekend or I may be disqualified and removed as a delegate.

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